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At Hopewell, we know every home can be stylish,
personalized, and perfectly-planned - at any budget.
And the best news is, you don’t have to do it alone.
Our talented design team is here to help you bring
your style to life. Let’s get started.

DesignSense Difference

To help you coordinate your selections with confidence, our expert team of design consultants will guide you through the pre-construction phase to ensure your home reflects your personal style and tastes.

Your Experience

Hopewell’s DesignSense experts make it pleasurable and surprisingly easy to select the ideal design touches for your new home.


Every Hopewell homebuyer loves the opportunity to design a new home. No matter your level of selections experience, we’ll ensure your experience is relaxed and fun.


Our team of design professionals is here for you. They will guide you through every step with sound advice and creativity, ensuring you’re confident in your decisions.


This is your chance to express your family’s personality and tastes. We’ll get to know what you like, and then reflect that in a home that complements your style.


Bringing your home to life is a truly gratifying experience. Trust the DesignSense team to make it even more special with outstanding insight and inspiration.

Your Appointment

Personalizing Your Home

After the purchase of your home, you’ll receive an email from the DesignSense Studio. We’ll outline the steps involved in the design process, and will ask you to come prepared to your first appointment so that you can make the most of your time with us. This means having a wish list in mind, a sense for your personal style, and if you’re thinking of making selections not included as part of Hopewell’s standard specifications, a budget that you’d like to adhere to.

It’s important to know that designing your home takes time, with many decisions to make and at least three appointments needed (typically during weekday business hours of 8 AM – 5 PM).

The design process includes the following steps:

  • In advance of your first appointment at the DesignSense Studio, your first step will be to meet with Hopewell’s outstanding appliance supplier, and to select the appliances for your new home.

  • Your first DesignSense Studio appointment will be focused on reviewing and choosing a wide range of structural detail options, including:

    • Ceiling heights
    • Cantilevers
    • Fireplace
    • Decks and/or patios
    • Basement development
    • Basement
  • Your next step will be to make the selections that will add personality and style to your home’s interior. With the assistance of our design experts, you will choose:

    • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
    • Plumbing fixtures
    • Electrical
    • Cabinetry and hardware selections
    • Flooring selections (hardwood, carpet and tile)
    • Wall tile
    • Paint
    • Railing and interior finishing (baseboards and casing)
    • Optional fireplace detail selection
    • Interior doors and hardware
    • Window treatments
    • Lighting
    • Audio & Visual
    • Storage Solutions

Expressing Your Unique Style

Building a new home is a rare opportunity to express your style. With the support of our team, it’s easy to create the home that’s perfectly "you".

To help us get started, please consider the four design styles below, choose the one that best reflects your taste and vision for your home, and share it with your design consultant before embarking on the selections process.

Leaders in Design

No builder can match Hopewell’s distinct combination of industry-leading design and attainable price point. Our DesignSense consultants are here to bring your vision to life with innovative ideas that respect your lifestyle and budget. When it comes to styling your new home, simply put, no one is more qualified.

Meet the Experts


DesignSense Studio

Diane is a graduate of the Interior Design Program at Mount Royal College, and has focused the majority of her career in Residential Design. She grew up on the prairies, finding her career’s inspiration in the raw beauty of the landscapes. Diane realized early in her career that the best part of being a designer is helping a client tell their story through the selections for their home. She truly believes that beautiful spaces are an extension of one’s personal style: what they’ve seen, who they’ve loved, and where they hope to go next.


BID (Applied)
Design Consultant

Graduated from the Interior Design degree program through Mount Royal university in 2001. Carrie has spent her career in the new home building industry in the Calgary area. Having knowledge of design and finishes as well as an in-depth understanding of the building process and construction of new homes helps Carrie to understand and achieve what her clients are looking for. Carrie draws on her past experience working on custom homes as well as showhomes to make sure that details small and large are taken care of.


Design Consultant

Lisa has been in the home building industry for over 8 years, working in a number of different roles during that time, and she has contributed to a number of show home designs in various areas in Calgary – coming up with design concepts, selecting finishing materials and conducting on-site visits. She has helped clients through the interior selection process who are moving into anything from a starter home to a luxury home. Lisa is passionate about design, adores working with people and has a wonderfully outgoing personality. Lisa holds an extension certificate in Residential Decorating from Mount Royal University.

Visiting the DesignSense Studio

When it’s time for your first selections appointment, we’ll be in touch to arrange a date and time. We can’t wait to meet you!

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