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The Multi-family division was born from the same Hopewell philosophy that shapes every home we build — to provide stylish, smartly designed homes at attainable prices. Homes that fit not only the needs, but also the desires of the modern homeowner. It’s a philosophy that we’ve held firm to for over 20 years, through hundreds of homes and condominiums. It’s an added level of comfort you’ll find inside your new Hopewell home.

Purchasing a new home is an exciting experience. The process is also thorough, with many details to be decided and arranged. While Hopewell is building your new home, you play a vital role by taking care of several important aspects of your purchase.

Building a new home is an investment of your money, your emotions and your time. Many of the tasks will require your attention during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, usually between 8am and 5pm.

The chronological list that follows outlines the typical steps in the process and provides an overview of important items requiring your attention.

Purchasing Your Home

The Purchase Agreement and various addendums constitute the legal understanding regarding the purchase of your new home. Please read the purchase agreement and all attachments carefully. As with any legal agreement, you may wish to have a lawyer review them.

Arranging Your Finances

Once you have signed the Purchase Agreement, finalizing the details of your financing is next. To assist you, we may suggest lenders appropriate to your specific financial situation.

New Home Selections

Our skilled staff will assist you in the exciting process of personalizing your new home with your selections and choice of colour scheme.

Construction Of Your New Home

The construction of a new home differs from other manufacturing processes in several ways. By keeping these differences in mind, you can enjoy the construction process as we build your new home.

Locks and Keys
Once exterior doors and locks are installed, we will access your home with a construction master key. Company policy prohibits staff members from loaning these keys to customers. Prior to your taking possession, all the locks on your house will be changed and the construction master keys will no longer open your home.

Plans and Specifications
The municipal building department must review and approve the plans and specifications for your home. We construct each home to comply with the plans and specifications approved by the building department. Your specifications become part of our agreements with trade contractors and suppliers. Only written instructions from Hopewell can change these contracts. Many factors can cause slight variations between the model home you viewed and the home we deliver to you. These are considered to be acceptable as part of the construction process.

Regulatory Changes
From time to time, regulatory and government agencies adopt new codes or regulations that can affect your new home. Such changes are usually adopted in the interest of safety and are legal requirements with which Hopewell must comply. Therefore, builders may construct the same floor plan slightly different to accommodate air vents, plumbing pipes, and similar items. These variations are generally very minor in nature and considered to be acceptable as part of the construction process.

Changes in Materials, Products and Methods
The new home industry, building trades and product manufacturers are continually working to improve methods and products. In addition, manufacturers sometimes make model changes that can impact the final product. For instance, appliance manufacturers generally make design changes every year. The model homes will show the appliances that were current when the models were built although your home may have a more recent version. In all instances, as required by your purchase agreement, any substitution of method or product that we make will have equal or better quality than that shown in our models. Since such substitutions or changes may become necessary because of matters outside of our control, we reserve the right to make them without notification.

Natural Variations
Dozens of trade contractors will construct your home. The same individuals rarely work on every home and even if they did, each one would still be unique. The exact placement of switches, outlets, registers and so on, will vary slightly from the model and other homes of the same floor plan.

Our company will build your new home to the quality of standards described in our documents and demonstrated in our show homes. Each new home is a handcrafted product, combining art, science and raw labour.

Errors and Omissions
During a process that takes several months and involves hundreds of people, an error or omission may occur. We have systems and procedures for inspecting our homes to ensure that the level of quality meets our requirements. We inspect every step of construction and are responsible for quality control. In addition, local inspectors conduct a number of inspections at different stages of construction. Your home must pass each inspection before construction continues.

In Progress
In the construction process, every home being built experiences some days when it is not at its best. Homes under construction endure wind, rain, snow, foot traffic and activities that generate noise, dust and trash. Material scraps are a by-product of the process and although your new home is cleaned by each trade upon completion of their portion of the work, during your visits you will encounter some messy moments. Keep in mind that the completed homes you toured also once endured these “ugly duckling” stages.

Single Source
Hopewell is a single source company. This means we select all personnel and companies who will contribute to your home. We order all materials and products from suppliers with whom we have established relationships. Although you may not perform work or contract work in your home prior to occupancy, you are welcome to add your personal touches to the home after you close and take possession of it.

Trade Contractors
Your home is built through the combined efforts of specialists in many trades from excavation and foundation, through framing, mechanicals and insulation, to drywall, trim and finish work. To ensure your new home meets Hopewell’s high standards of construction quality, only authorized suppliers, trade contractors, and Hopewell employees are permitted to perform work in your home. Each trade contractor works on a limited portion of the home; they may not be aware of all the details that affect the home and are not in a position to offer judgments. All questions or requests for changes should go through Hopewell - we will then obtain input from trades when that is appropriate. Suppliers and trade contractors have no authority to enter into agreement for Hopewell. For your protection and theirs, the terms of our trade contractor agreements prohibit alterations without written authorization from Hopewell. Their failure to comply with this procedure can result in termination of their contract. Please discuss changes you are considering with your Area Sales Manager.

The delivery date for your new home begins as an estimate. Until the roof is on and the structure is enclosed, weather can dramatically affect the delivery date. Even after the home itself is past the potential for weather-related delays, weather can severely impact installation of utility services, final grading and contract flatwork, to mention a few examples. Extended periods of wet weather or freezing temperatures bring work to a stop in the entire region. When favourable conditions return, the tradespeople go back to work, picking up where they left off. Please understand they are as eager as you are to get caught up and make progress on your home.

Delivery Date Updates
Hopewell recognizes that timing is critical in planning your move. Although a guaranteed date is unrealistic in the early stages of construction, we can provide regular updates. As the home nears completion, Hopewell can provide a firm delivery date 35 days before the closing. Meanwhile, be flexible and avoid making arrangements that might cause you worry if the move-in date changes. We will update you on the delivery date of your home at 35 to 45 days prior to occupancy. You are also welcome to check with us should you have any scheduling concerns due to your own situation. We suggest that, until you receive this commitment, you avoid finalizing arrangements for your move. Until then, flexibility is the key to comfort, sanity and convenience. We want you to enjoy this process and avoid unnecessary stress caused by uncertainty. Please keep in mind that your belongings may be brought into the home only after your receive possession due to insurance issues and applicable building regulations.

“Nothing’s Happening”
Expect several days during the construction of your home when it appears that nothing is happening. This can occur for a number of reasons. Each trade is scheduled days or weeks in advance of the actual work. This period is referred to as “lead time.” Time is allotted for completing each trade’s work in your home and, sometimes, one trade completes its work ahead of schedule. The next trade already has an assigned time slot, which usually cannot be changed on short notice. Progress also pauses while the home awaits the necessary inspections. This is part of the normal construction schedule and occurs at several points in every home. Also, throughout construction of a home, work progresses rapidly at some stages as highly visible stages are completed (such as installing large expanses of walls) and more slowly at others (such as detail work like soffit installation, etc).

Homeowner Orientation

Prior to your move-in, you will be contacted for a homeowner orientation. The homeowner orientation has two purposes. The first is to demonstrate the features of your home and discuss maintenance and our limited warranty program. Equally important, we want to confirm that we have delivered your new home at the quality level described in our documents and shown in our model homes, and with all your selections correctly installed. At this time a walkthrough checklist is filled out listing any items that may require attention. We will make every attempt to complete these by possession day, or within 45 days of your possession date.

Closing On Your Home

Prior to your move-in date you will be contacted by Hopewell staff, or our lawyer, to initiate the closing on your new home. At this time all legal documents will require signing and title of your new home will be registered. Once the transactions are completed you will be provided with keys to your new home. Congratulations, and welcome home!

Text Graphic: Yes! Tell me more, and sign me up to save $1,000 instantly too! Get the latest Hopewell promotions, event invitations & more.
Text Graphic: Yes! Tell me more, and sign me up to save $1,000 instantly too! Get the latest Hopewell promotions, event invitations & more.

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