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Building a new home is an incredibly exciting process – especially when you choose a partner like Hopewell to manage the details, schedules and milestones that must be met along the way.

As your guide through the process, we’re here to help, step by step. Before we get started, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the process below. The more you know going in, the better prepared you’ll be and the more enjoyable the process. More importantly, we’re just a click, call or visit away should you have any questions.

Establish Your Financing

Before you fall in love with the perfect Hopewell home, it’s a good idea to know exactly how much you can afford. Talk to a lender, such as your bank or a mortgage broker, and give consideration to related expenses including moving or new furniture.

Your lender should be able to provide a “mortgage commitment letter” that states the amount you qualify for, the interest rate and how long they will hold the interest rate for you. With a clear understanding of your new home budget, you will be well prepared to shop with confidence.

Consider Your Options

Just as exciting – and important – as finding the right home is finding the right neighbourhood. Think about your lifestyle and the amenities you want close to home. Perhaps you want to be close to work, friends, schools, or transit? Or, maybe outdoor spaces and natural areas are most meaningful. Also consider that comparable houses can have significant price differences based on the community they are in – so it’s important to do your homework.

New or Used?
Buyers in Edmonton have many options to consider when buying a new or used home. While both have advantages, new home ownership offers many unique benefits. With a new home you enjoy peace-of-mind, thanks to a comprehensive warranty. You can also choose the floorplans and finishings that best reflect your personal tastes, rather than inheriting someone else’s style. Perhaps the best thing about buying new is being part of the process. Walking through the house during construction and watching it evolve into your home is an experience you’ll remember forever.

New homes offer a wide variety of move-in dates that suit any schedule. Select a quick-possession home for immediate possession, or choose a lot and floorplan and build your new home from scratch. This can take a few months, however, our housing team works with Realtors, mortgage brokers and professional designers to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. List your old house, secure a mortgage and design your dream home, all without breaking a sweat!

Start Shopping!

Now comes the fun – exploring the options and finding your perfect fit. If you know what community you want to live in, take a drive around and visit our show homes and quick possession homes. Remember, not all homes and builders are equal. Here are some questions to keep in mind when searching:

What’s covered under the warranty and for how long? Who underwrites the warranty? Most builders offer two warranties: one for structural items like the walls and roof; and one for non-structural items like flooring, plumbing and heating.

Build Time
How long will it take for your new home to be constructed? Ask your builder if you have to wait for other lots to be sold; some builders may start your home only after they’ve sold a certain number of lots.

If you want to buy new but don’t want to wait for the entire construction process, consider purchasing a brand-new Hopewell quick possession home.

Design, Personalization & Finishings
What is the process for selecting the colours and materials for your home? How many options does the builder offer? Are there any restrictions? At our DesignSense Studio, Hopewell offers countless options for personalizing your home interior finishing, as well as professional consultation to ensure your new home is a true expression of your tastes and style.

Plan Your Housewarming Party

A smart homebuyer is a happy homeowner. Because you were well prepared with a mortgage commitment letter and decided what was important to you up front, it will be easy to finalize your purchase when you find the perfect home. Now all that’s left is to move in, host a big party for your family, friends and neighbours, and enjoy all the compliments you’re sure to receive. Congratulations on your new Hopewell home!

Text Graphic: Yes! Tell me more, and sign me up to save $1,000 instantly too! Get the latest Hopewell promotions, event invitations & more.
Text Graphic: Yes! Tell me more, and sign me up to save $1,000 instantly too! Get the latest Hopewell promotions, event invitations & more.

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