Calgary Realtor Commission Program

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Realtor Program & Earn Big!

Hopewell Residential pays Realtors full commission on every sale - and in 2019, you could earn even more by becoming part of our new Hopewell Platinum Realtor Program.*

How does it work? It's easy - when you achieve multiple sales of Hopewell's condos, townhomes or single-family homes, you'll receive full commission plus a bonus as part of our Platinum Realtor Program.

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Welcome to the program:
Sell your first Hopewell home and you're at the base level, receiving full commission when your client takes possession.
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Bronze Level:
Sell your second Hopewell home, and receive full commission payable at firm plus a $2,000 bonus! And, if you've ever sold a Hopewell home, you will start at this level.
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Silver Level:
Sell your third Hopewell home and receive a $3,000 bonus on top of full commission which is payable at firm sale. Plus you'll be added to our VIP Annual Dinner invitation list
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Gold Level:
Sell your fourth Hopewell home and receive a $4,000 bonus on top of your full commission, which is payable at firm, plus you'll be added to our VIP Annual Dinner invitation list
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Platinum Level:
Sell five or more Hopewell homes in and receive full commission payable at firm, plus a $5,000 bonus each time you sell an additional home in 2019. And, we'll thank you with a private dinner, including limo transportation, and a gift to show our appreciation.

Even more exciting? If you've sold one or more Hopewell homes in 2017 and 2018, you will start at the appropriate level as shown above.

At Hopewell, we pride ourselves on creating long-lasting relationships with our Realtor partners. We've continued to improve our Realtor payment structure, and are industry-leading in this regard. Our homes are backed by our 25-year history, easy process, top-quality building practices and incredible design style... so why choose a resale home or another builder? With Hopewell, your clients get a home and price they love - and you get the full commission, bonus opportunity, and lasting relationship you need.

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Simply visit any Hopewell Residential show home with your clients and register! It's the best way to earn your commission quickly and easily -- and while you're there, our teams will be happy to share the latest news, perks and promos with you. Why wait? Hurry in and find your clients their brand new Hopewell home today!*

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What's the Best New Home Value in the Market?

If your client is seeking a new home, Hopewell Residential should be their first visit! With Hopewell, your clients can choose to move in fast with a ready-to-go quick possession home, or they can choose their interior finishings with an almost-ready QwikChoice home. Or, if they want to build from scratch, they can choose to build a brand new Hopewell home from the ground up! We have condos, townhomes, Paired homes, laned homes, single-front garage homes and double-front garage homes to choose from, all with comprehensive warranties, stylish selections and modern designs - so why wait? Introduce your client to Hopewell today!

Why Choose Hopewell?

Homes and communities your clients will love. Prices they'll adore.

Whether it's a four-season lake lifestyle in Mahogany, Canada's Community of the Year or stylish townhome living in the established community of Copperfield, there are hundreds of reasons why people from all walks of life choose to make their home with Hopewell.

Learn more about the outstanding lifestyle benefits of these featured Hopewell communities:

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Explore Hopewell Residential's Amenities, Homes and Condos

Your clients will love living in a Hopewell Residential home

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Mahogany Beach Club

Residents enjoy exclusive use of more than 20 acres of private, sandy beachfront and the stunning Mahogany Beach Club overlooking the lake for year-round activities, both indoors and out. With a splash park, tennis courts, play equipment, a fishing pier and non-motorized marina, indoor and outdoor fitness equipment, barbeque pits and a hockey rink, life really is a beach with a home in Mahogany.

Jay, Kyle and Asher - play testimonial video

Jay, Kyle and Asher

As a young family, Jay, Kyle and Asher were looking for a home their family could grow into. They found that with their Hopewell home in Mahogany.

Allan and Beth - play testimonial video

Allan & Beth

Allan and Beth were looking to downsize in the right location to fit their lifestyle. They found that at Sandgate in Mahogany. See why Sandgate homeowners love life in Mahogany.

* For marketing purposes only. Realtors must attend their clients' first visit to any Hopewell show home, and must register their client upon first visit. "Full commission" is defined as 3.5% on the first $100,000 and 1.5% on the remainder before GST. Full commission will be paid for foundational program level on or after the date that the client takes possession of their Hopewell home. Full commission for bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels will be paid upon confirmed firm sale or once 5% deposit has been received. If Realtor sells a second Hopewell home prior to receiving his or her foundational level commission, the outstanding commission from Realtor's first sale will be paid with Realtor's second (Bronze level) commission, upon firm sale or once 5% deposit has been received on the Realtor's second (Bronze level) sale. Bonus for all program levels will be paid upon client's possession of their new Hopewell home. Rolling sales of previous two years count towards the number of sales which subsequently impacts the level that the Realtor is eligible for. Any documented previous sale of a Hopewell or Sabal home allows the Realtor to begin at the bronze level of the Platinum Program. Any and all previous sales must be documented on a Hopewell Residential Realtor Registration Form and authorized by signature from a Hopewell representative. Additional conditions may apply, and for details, please visit any Calgary Hopewell show home. This program, including its bonus structure, will be reviewed and adjusted annually. Hopewell reserves the exclusive right to change or cancel without notice. E&O.E.

Text Graphic: Yes! Tell me more, and sign me up to save $1,000 instantly too! Get the latest Hopewell promotions, event invitations & more.
Text Graphic: Yes! Tell me more, and sign me up to save $1,000 instantly too! Get the latest Hopewell promotions, event invitations & more.