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The Benefits of Building New

The right choice for your most important investment

When deciding whether to buy a new or used home, there are many important points to consider. Making the right decision based on your lifestyle and budget depends upon what’s most important to you. To help you make that decision, let’s take a moment to review some of the unique advantages you’ll enjoy in your new Hopewell home.

Your Home will be Perfectly “You”

One of the most fulfilling aspects of building new with Hopewell is finding the right size and layout, and then personalizing your interior with the help of our DesignSense Selections experts. You’re not inheriting someone else’s décor, you’re starting from scratch to ensure your home is a true reflection of your own style.

Know What You’re Getting, Start to Finish

A new Hopewell home means there are no surprises or lingering doubts about what’s behind the walls. You know precisely what’s going into your home, and you get many opportunities to see it evolve during the construction process. Plus, if you do have any questions or concerns, we’re simply a click or call away and ready to provide answers and support.

Built-In Energy Efficiency

Continual improvements in materials and construction methods mean a home built today can be much more energy efficient than one built just 10 years ago. The older the home, the greater the chance it is sub-standard when it comes to saving energy. The impact on the environment – and your wallet – can be significant. Today, many construction materials are comprised of recycled material, or can be recycled, making a new Hopewell home much more environmentally-friendly than a typical resale home.

Safety First

Safety isn’t something that’s top of mind when thinking about buying a home – but it should be. With Hopewell, you’re assured all core components, such as structural, electrical or heating, are designed and installed professionally, and inspected by a licensed third-party. Regular improvements in building codes offer further assurance that you and your family are safe and sound.

Peace-of-Mind Warranties

Hopewell homes come with a comprehensive warranty, giving you confidence that your investment is protected. In fact, we offer a dual layer of protection: a Hopewell one-year limited warranty on all workmanship and material defects in the home; and a newly expanded Alberta New Home Warranty including one-year coverage for materials and workmanship, two-year coverage for distribution systems, five-year coverage for the building envelope and 10-year coverage on the structure. Find out more about our warranties here.

Choice of Builders

Building a new home is all about choice: choosing the community, the builder, the model and the finishings. But don’t decide based on looks alone; take some time to research the builders you’re interested in and talk to previous customers.

Text Graphic: Yes! Tell me more, and sign me up to save $1,000 instantly too! Get the latest Hopewell promotions, event invitations & more.
Text Graphic: Yes! Tell me more, and sign me up to save $1,000 instantly too! Get the latest Hopewell promotions, event invitations & more.

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