EasyBuy: Financing with Hopewell
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EasyBuy: Financing with Hopewell

PUBLISHED ON: May 21, 2019

Hopewell makes financing your new home easy and worry-free. We talked to Mahogany sales associate Graham Dredge about financing with Hopewell’s EasyBuy program and this is what he had to say:

Q: What financing help can I get with Hopewell EasyBuy?

A: We have preferred partners at all major lenders, plus a long-time preferred mortgage broker, and an exclusive partnership with First Calgary to help our buyers get financing. These are not just any bank employees but are highly skilled mortgage professionals trained on the ins-and-outs of a mortgage, and on all current rules and regulations, including ‘stress tests’ for mortgage qualifying.

Q: What do Hopewell’s preferred lenders offer me?

A: There are longer rate holds, staged deposits, and borrowed down payment programs, just as a start. The good news is, our partners are able to work with you to create a personalized financing solution. Even better, Hopewell only requires the minimum down payment as required by the federal government, which can be as low as 5%, depending on the price of your home.

Q: What other financing advantages does Hopewell have?

A:  Plan on putting more than 5% down when purchasing your new home? Hopewell only requires the minimum down payment during the construction period of your home. When your home is ready you pay the remaining down payment at possession. Many builders will require this extra money throughout the entire build. Hopewell lets you hold onto this money during the build so you can earn interest, or continue to save. 

Q: I worry about what the actual final costs will be.

A: With Hopewell, you don’t have to! We offer complete price transparency upfront. Plus, our design appointments are before you remove financing conditions – which means you know total home costs and can feel confident in information you provide the lender, when getting final mortgage approval. Most builders don’t do interior selections until after buyers remove conditions, and they also don’t offer upfront pricing, which can lead to unhappy budget surprises.

Q: So what’s my bottom line with Hopewell?

A: There are no hidden surprises. All pricing is upfront and transparent, and our mortgage partners are the best in the business. You can feel confident in the mortgage approval process knowing the price of your home won't go up after you remove conditions. And of course, your Hopewell team is  always here to help.

Want to chat about easily financing your new home with Hopewell? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help – find our show homes or send us an email!

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Text Graphic: Yes! Tell me more, and sign me up to save $1,000 instantly too! Get the latest Hopewell promotions, event invitations & more.

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