Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Home
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Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Home

PUBLISHED ON: December 17, 2021

'tis the season
to prepare your home for winter climates

Avoid complications from freezing temperatures by managing the humidity in your home and following our exterior maintenance tips below.

Here's what you need to do to manage the humidity in your home:

  • Run all HRV bath fans for 30-45 minutes twice daily. This is especially necessary after baths and showers.
  • Allow sunlight in through blinds and curtains to allow for air circulation. It is also optimal to keep the furnace fan on and interior doors open.
  • Refer to your Hopewell Homeowner Guide for the correct humidity settings on your humidifier.
  • Wipe up any excess condensation collected on windows, window sills and doors to avoid water damage.
  • Check external vents (hot and cold air intake and exhaust) on the side of your home to ensure ice build-up is removed and vents are clear.
  • Ice build-up on downspouts, eaves and sidewalks is common. Please remember to remove for the safety of you and your neighbours.

Take Care of Your Taps 

Fall clean-up is more than just keeping your yard looking great! To prevent damage to your exterior water supplies, don't forget to disconnect outdoor water hoses, shut off exterior valves and allow the line to drain. Be cautious, freezing can happen to all types of water supplies, including "frost-free" lines.

Concrete Considerations 

To keep your sidewalk and driveway free of ice, do the neigbourly thing and shovel after each snowfall. If ice accumulates, be sure to use a manufacturer approved de-icer, as corrosive additives and chemicals will cause damage to concrete such as flaking, pitting or cracking. This is not covered by warranty, and can be difficult to repair. To prevent damage, we recommend using a non-corrosive ice melter that is not salt based and does not radiate heat.

Hot Water How-To 

Your new high-efficiency hot water tank may fail to ignite if the exterior air intake or exhaust is blocked by snow or ice. Here's a quick fix:

  1. Unplug your water heater from the electrical connection
  2. Clear the snow and/or ice from the outside vent intake
  3. Plug your water tank back in
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